– Warszawa Centralna

It is a hand made accordion booklet with 55 silver prints dry mounted on its pages. The prints size is about 17×12 cm, I made them in traditional darkroom on a high contrast paper. The folded booklet is small and portable, but it can be displayed open and is more than 6 mt long. The accordion structure allows the watchers to change and personalize the sequence of the pictures, and to find their own personal narrative and aesthetic rhythm. I used the station as a scenographical element and focused on those people who inhabit it. The train stations are in general a place for fast transit of people, but for beggars, homeless people, buskers and alcoholics (those who permanently live there) is the place where they can beg to survive or to make a living. I organized the sequence around the portraits of some of these inhabitants and the details of their own lives, like the few coins the were able to collect, the cigarette butts they hunt around, and also some edible urban mushrooms that they collect in the bushes around the station. To respect the subject of my research, and looking for a general sense of fluidity, in this booklet I decided to include photographic repetitions and errors, and to adopt a rough high contrast style of photography, with no post production at all, except the choice of contrast for the film and the paper in the darkroom.