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Federico Caponi, freelance photographer and printer.

A native of Tuscany that lives in Warsaw, where he is a member of the artists‘ collective Pracownia Wschodnia and manager of its darkroom. He teaches Analog photography and Documentary photography at Akademia Fotografii. Once he is in Florence, he keeps on shooting on film his native country, and leads the workshop “Photobooklet” since 2015. https://photobookletblog.wordpress.com/

Selected exhibitions:

Eaststreet”, Warsaw 2013. Group

SO FAR, SO CLOSE, “Bazar Olimpia” at “CinEast”,  Luxembourg 2014. Solo

“Imigranci sukcesu” part of EU program “Pierwszy krok integracji”, Warsaw 2014. Solo

“Environment Studies”, Warsaw 2017. Group

“RoadTrip”, Warsaw 2017. Group

“Gotica”, Warsaw 2018. Solo

“Where are we going from” with Justyna Kosinska, Warsaw 2022. Solo + Solo

“The democratic forest”, Warsaw 2022. Group

“Antropografia”, Warsaw 2023. Group



PL: 0048 508985726

IT: 0039 3384727022