Veterans of 1944 Warsaw Uprising

Blondie, Whistle, Kotwa, Babe… these are some of the last but still living heroes of the Warsaw Uprising, the Uprising which was an extraordinary and tragic moment of World War II. It is August 1944 and the Allies’ victory on all fronts is becoming more and more apparent. In Warsaw the fighting starts. Youngsters and twenty-year-old soldiers stand against occupying forces. Children, women, scouts and soldiers of the underground army fight against the Germans. For the underground army the Uprising is supposed to last a maximum of a few days until the moment when the Allied armies will liberate the city. But they will not arrive in time.

The Polish capital city fights for 63 days. Warsaw dies in front of the eyes of uncaring Western and Eastern allies. In the fights 18,000 soldiers and 120 – 200,000 civilians die, along with the majority of the Warsaw intelligentsia and young people.

After the Uprising, the majority of insurgents were imprisoned in POW camps. Some tried to escape during transportation. The First imprisonments started in 1948. The soldiers of the Home Army (AK) were recognized as a danger and not useful elements in the new Communist Poland.

Texts by Ewelina Jaworska.